Insights into Copyrights

All plans from Butcher Drafting Service, LLC are protected under U.S. copyright law. Simply put, this means the design of the homes, the blueprints, drawings, artwork, and any other materials embodying the design belong to Butcher Drafting Service, LLC. The design is an “architectural work” and includes the overall form as well as the arrangement and composition of spaces and elements in the design.

To comply with U.S. copyright law, any use of the plan must be specifically authorized by Butcher Drafting Service, LLC. This includes any construction, distribution, copying, or modification of the plan.

When you purchase a plan from Butcher Drafting Service, LLC, you receive a construction license. This license is Butcher Drafting Service’s specific authorization to you to build this plan and copy the plan – only as stated in the construction license. The license also gives you the right to make changes to the plan, but no claim to copyright may be made to these changes. A guideline to follow is: rights you receive with purchase of the plan are clearly stated in the construction license. Any use not specifically stated in the construction license is not authorized.

Whether you make changes or not, you cannot give the plan or sell the plan to anyone else. Only the person (or company) who purchases the plan from Butcher Drafting Service and receives the construction license has the right to build the plan. This right is not transferable. This right is also protected under the copyright of the plan.

If you have any questions about copyright law, our construction license, use of our logo and copyright, etc, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this interesting aspect of our business with you.

The above points are provided as general guidelines only.  Additional information is provided with the plan purchase or is available upon request.

What You Can DoWhat You Cannot Do
Build the home plan purchased from Butcher Drafting Service, LLCBuilder A gives plan (s)he has purchased to Builder B.
Copy the purchased plan as required for building, using the print bearing the seal.Subcontractor removes a plan from the site to gives to another builder.
Make changes to the purchased plan.Homebuyer purchases a plan, builder constructs home, then uses it again for another client.
Builder sells a plan he has purchased.
Consumer gives (or sells) a plan to a friend.
Consumer sells plan to a builder.