When Construction is Complete

Ask your contractor the following:

  1. What kind of warranty do you get and what does it cover? (All work should be under warranty for 1 year from the day you move in or you close on your loan – whichever comes first.)
  2. Are there any preventive maintenance tips? (Ask your contractor for a copy of “Your New Home and How to Take Care of it” or ask the local Home Builders Association.)
  3. Ask for manuals for all products.
  4. Do a “punch list.” Walk through the house and write down any problems you have with the job.
  5. Ask your contractor to explain normal shrinkage or settlement you can expect from your house. (As your house settles and ‘dries out’ you may notice such things as minor cracks, wood shrinkage, uneven 
  6. What kind of tests and/or inspections did your house go through?